Is it Real or the Werewolf from “Harry Potter?” Alleged Dogman photo from Argentina.

Source: Perfil

Let’s follow the trail of an elusive Dogman… photo. I noticed this story from the Mirror, whose headline read “Huge 7ft beast described as ‘half human, half animal’ leaves residents TERRIFIED after ‘savaging two dogs’.” The story in the article mentions this that two dogs have been butchered (a German Shepard and a Pitbull), and that the photo was snapped by a terrified resident of Sante Fe, Argentina. It also describes the creature as being 7 feet (tall? long?). Incidentally, an Irish Wolfhound can get pretty big, but the thing in the photo is not an Irish Wolfhound.

The Mirror’s source was a video posted on YouTube from the channel “UFOmania.” The video shows the single photo in a variety of light, contrast and zooms, but since there is only one photo, the video is narrated by a robotic voice that states “The creature’s shape is striking, as it has not been connected with any known animal. Residents of Totoras in the province of Santa Fe report that a creature is wandering the streets and has even slain two dogs…” Then it continues to say that the creature has disappeared. No dates or additional information. However there is another source mentioned in the description.

The blog “Inexplicata” is named as the source of this article… but after looking at that source, it seems that the blog cites another source… “Perfil,” an article aggregation site located in Argentina is the origin of the photo (or as far as I can tell). All of the articles and video mentioned above get their information about this creature from the Perfil article.

The story has now been picked up by the New York Post… we tried to tell them.

Facebook user Ross Psammead has been in several groups trying to tell people sharing this image and related articles of it’s dubious nature since it first showed up in the social media circles.

The Crypto Crew has also put out a public service announcement.

So, is it real, or is it a Photoshop of the werewolf from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?” Because the figure sure does bear a striking resemblance to the fictional yet well-done artwork, this is yet another hoaxed photo.

Please thank the media for taking your clicks.

Half-human-half-animal-7ft-beast-leaves-residents-TERRIFIED-after-savaging-two-dogs (1)

UFOmania’s zoomed-in photo


Concept art for the lycanthrope for one of the Harry Potter films. Source Harry Potter Wiki

Coincidentally, the YouTuber “Parabreakdown” recently released a video featuring alleged footage of creatures strikingly similar to the one in the above Argentinean “Dogman” photo. Perhaps we should use this as a reference.

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7 thoughts on “Is it Real or the Werewolf from “Harry Potter?” Alleged Dogman photo from Argentina.

  1. Great bit of research, thanks for spotting the fake so quickly. I suppose it is human nature but it really depresses me when people fake stuff like this for a cheap thrill. It just discredits the whole filed of cryptozoology. Anyway I referenced your post on my site at


  2. Great research there. The overlay alone should prove to most that it’s a fake.
    Interestingly, I came across the Wessex clip recently when looking for UK Dogman encounters, and had a fun discussion about it with my partner. Initially, i thought the blur may have distorted it and that it was a large fox, but she pointed the deer resemblance. It’s nice to know where that one comes from and that it’s a CG job.

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  3. I think the creature in Argentina is a bald bear, probably affected by mange. Millions of the mites sucking its blood could lead it to scratch itself bald, and taking so much of the animal’s blood would leave it weakened and therefore probably willing to get close to human habitation to take pets and livestock. Its snout and paws do look bear-like.


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