Travelling Prehistoric Creature Show to Auction Off Massive Animatronic Dinosaurs and More


Here’s one of the rare times that it might be possible to make a childhood dream come true.  On August 1, 2018 an online auction house will be hosting a unique offering of animatronic models of prehistoric creatures from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Woolly Mammoths.

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The auction will be conducted by CA Global Partners featuring animatronic scale models featured in the now dissolved Kokoro Exhibits travelling shows.

From CA Global Partners:

“After an Orderly Liquidation Process over the last few months, Kokoro Exhibits are going to sell these remaining One-Of-A-Kind, Artistic and Visionary Creatures, One by One, at the Public Auction.

From museums to aquariums, to zoos, carnivals, hospitality organizations,, or individual collectors or enthusiasts – This is the last and final opportunity to purchase these proprietary designed prehistoric animatronic traveling exhibits.”

Sale to Include:

T-Rex, T-Rex Costume, Triceratops Family, Deinonychus, Maiasaura Family, Woolly Mammoth, Smilodon Family, Pteranodon’s, Apatosaurus, Tenontasaurus, Hands On Robots, Dig Boxes, Rubbing Stations & Much Much More!


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Seeing as they are rather large, you may want to set aside plenty of room in your house for one of these displays.

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I personally think the Megatherium / Smilodon battle scene would be a majestic addition to any man-cave.

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Share this with your local museum or municipality… or that friend who has everything and is looking for a Triceratops to tie their reading room together.

Set aside a good portion of your entertainment budget, some displays have a minimum opening bid (practice bids at the time of this writing) of $7,500. This is also a “hybrid” live and online auction including various locations in California, Florida, New York, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee and locations yet to be determined. For more information, visit the auction’s webpage.

So what would you do given the chance to own one of these models?

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