I Saw Something: National Cryptid Society Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

I Saw Something: National Cryptid Society Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

NCS CASE FILES DECEMBER 2020 Crawlers in MO, Panthers in CO, Mothmen in WI, Wild Chimpanzees in FL.

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National Cryptid Society Case Files December 2020 episode includes:

1. The Thing in the Pond

A report from 2016 where an Iowa City, Iowa witness comes across a large, gaunt humanoid in meandering in a pond behind their home.

2. A Dangerous Intruder

Terror ensues as a Pinesville, Missouri man hunts and is hunted by a strange and aggressive humanoid crawler.

3. Black Panther of Colorado

Bruce recalls a black panther sighting near Bailey, Colorado and opens a can of worms as we recount three additional reports of black panther-like big cat sightings in Colorado.

4. A Wisconsin Mothman

An Anonymous caller and her friend reach out to our NCS Hotline (815) 408-0358 to report a large, winged Mothman-like flying humanoid in the wee morning hours the day after Thanksgiving 2020. The witness is currently cooperating with an investigation by the The Singular Fortean Society: http://www.singularfortean.com/ 

5. Possible Wild Chimpanzee Encounter in Florida

A 38 year old mechanical engineer and his fiancé were driving home through Ocala National Forest when an ape dashed out in front of their car travelling at a high rate of speed.  Was it a chimpanzee or the legendary skunk ape?

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