Real Live “Stumpsquatch!” Technically… “Rootsquatch.”

Restricted Access analyzes "Rootsquatch," the anthropomorphic anomaly at the base of a tree and determines it is a real image slightly altered in order for the shapes to stand out. Annnd it's really cool to look at. 03/17/2018 Jesse Durdel, NCS One of the most vicious, disparaging remarks someone can say about another's photo of … Continue reading Real Live “Stumpsquatch!” Technically… “Rootsquatch.”


Turtles of Extraordinary Magnitude; Giant Turtle Sightings from Hawaii, Ohio and Kentucky Rivers

Sightings of giant turtles are reported from a lagoon in Hawaii, the Ohio River and the Kentucky River. Turtle facts and other historical tales of giant turtles are explored in this installment of the National Cryptid Society Case Files.

Continental Cousins – The Return of the European Nessie!

Loch Ness is possibly the most famous body of water in the world, surpassed in fame only by its alleged monsters, that have been making regular appearances in the loch for almost 1500 years, starting with St Columba's encounter in the river ness, in 565 AD. The loch, which was largely inaccessible, without travelling over the mountains, was opened to the eyes of the public, one might say, when a road was built into the side of the mountain in 1933; followed shortly after by a rash of sightings of this now infamous beast of the Scottish Highlands.

Red Eyes in the Basement / Civil War Soldier’s Ghost

"When I looked up, I saw a what looked like a silhouette of a soldier lifting his gun up and looking into the barrel the putting it back down beside him. " I received two reports this morning concerning observations of a more supernatural aspect than I usually get.  Both events occurred in Kentucky. The … Continue reading Red Eyes in the Basement / Civil War Soldier’s Ghost