TriDiver Paranormal on a Recent “Trailcam Bigfoot” Photo

TriDiver Paranormal, in his first Facebook livestream video, discusses the "Trailcam Bigfoot" photo that has been circulating around various social media platforms in the last few weeks.  


Wrestling with Cryptid Categories

Different cryptozoologists use different “filing systems” to keep track of reports, evidence and types of cryptids. Descriptions of cryptids vary so widely that it stands to reason to have some kind of organization.  In this article, I’ll discuss George Eberhart’s ten cryptid categories, something I’ve been meaning to get into for quite some time.

California Wildfires Claim the Site of the “Sierra Sounds.” Morehead: “Mother Earth Will Recover.”

(8/16/2018) The Sierra Camp where the famous Bigfoot vocalizations known as the "Sierra Sounds" was recorded has been lost to the continuing spread of the California wildfires according to author and researcher Ronald Morehead.

SHOCKING: Windshield Reflection / Smudge in Quebec, Canada Causes Avalanche of Ridiculous Headlines Around the World

MOOSE UNHARMED! (8/4/2018) A recent video posted to YouTube showing a moose eating on the side of the road in the wilderness of Quebec, Canada has gone viral because several media outlets are reporting that the video shows a "six foot eerie faceless creature" stalking the unsuspecting moose. 

Legends of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas; an Interesting Askreddit Thread

An interesting story thread popped up this weekend on one of the social media platform's public forums called "r/askreddit" titled "Native Americans of Reddit, what are your or your tribes ghost stories, legends, or supernatural occurrences?" The responses so far have been very interesting and describe legends ranging from the paranormal to cryptid animals.  We're … Continue reading Legends of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas; an Interesting Askreddit Thread