Wrestling with Cryptid Categories

Different cryptozoologists use different “filing systems” to keep track of reports, evidence and types of cryptids. Descriptions of cryptids vary so widely that it stands to reason to have some kind of organization.  In this article, I’ll discuss George Eberhart’s ten cryptid categories, something I’ve been meaning to get into for quite some time.


SHOCKING: Windshield Reflection / Smudge in Quebec, Canada Causes Avalanche of Ridiculous Headlines Around the World

MOOSE UNHARMED! (8/4/2018) A recent video posted to YouTube showing a moose eating on the side of the road in the wilderness of Quebec, Canada has gone viral because several media outlets are reporting that the video shows a "six foot eerie faceless creature" stalking the unsuspecting moose. 

Internet Etiquette and the Use of the word “Pareidolia”

If there's a word that is ubiquitous in the commentary of many of the images that I see of alleged Bigfoot or Sasquatch on the internet, it has to be the word pareidolia.   There’s a common response to alleged videos and photographs of Bigfoot or other visual anomalies that most of us have seen used … Continue reading Internet Etiquette and the Use of the word “Pareidolia”