SHOCKING: Windshield Reflection / Smudge in Quebec, Canada Causes Avalanche of Ridiculous Headlines Around the World

MOOSE UNHARMED! (8/4/2018) A recent video posted to YouTube showing a moose eating on the side of the road in the wilderness of Quebec, Canada has gone viral because several media outlets are reporting that the video shows a "six foot eerie faceless creature" stalking the unsuspecting moose. 


Internet Etiquette and the Use of the word “Pareidolia”

If there's a word that is ubiquitous in the commentary of many of the images that I see of alleged Bigfoot or Sasquatch on the internet, it has to be the word pareidolia.   There’s a common response to alleged videos and photographs of Bigfoot or other visual anomalies that most of us have seen used … Continue reading Internet Etiquette and the Use of the word “Pareidolia”