Red Eyes in the Basement / Civil War Soldier’s Ghost

“When I looked up, I saw a what looked like a silhouette of a soldier lifting his gun up and looking into the barrel the putting it back down beside him. “

I received two reports this morning concerning observations of a more supernatural aspect than I usually get.  Both events occurred in Kentucky.

The first strange event occured when the witness and their nephew were visiting a home in Harrodsburg that had been featured on several paranormal reality TV shows (the exact name and location is being withheld here because it is a privately-owned residence.

“…my nephew and I went there to see if there was anything spooky. We didn’t trespass or anything, we had stayed on the sidewalk. And we thought it was a bit odd that there was fog on the windows constantly. 

I took my flashlight out to look around, and in the basement there was two glowing things which I assumed was just my flashlight hitting something that reflected. So I asked my nephew if he saw it too, by the time I turned around my nephew had ran to the car and I immediately followed.


I did a three point turn in front of the house, I turned my brights on and whatever it was turned and looked at me, with glowing red eyes. And from what I’ve seen the basement isn’t small, so this thing was standing at least 6 feet tall. It’s eyes were too wide apart to be a human, or any animal that I could think of.

Through all the references, I immediately thought of the many werewolf movies I’d seen. That, or perhaps we saw a demon that night.”

The witness and their nephew were visiting the area in and around Perryville Battlefield (Perryville, Kentucky) in July of 2016 when the following paranormal encounter occurred:

“We’d traveled a short way to the Perryville battlefield, just at dusk. I believe in ghosts, but to believe in them and believe that you’ll see them are two different things. 

We’d walked up a small hill, where one of the canons were located, this was one of the times my niece was with us. When we got to the top of the hill, we began to look around as best as we could since it was getting dark. So I took my flashlight from my phone out and began to look around, it was just fun and games for us and we didn’t think we’d actually see anything. 

But when I turned my camera to the side, near a fence. There was a luminescent sort of blue, I figured it was just a sign reflecting off my camera and so did my nephew, I asked him if it was coming towards us because it looked as if it were getting closer.

He told me yes, and before we even got a chance to looked further into it. The entity shot up the hill at us, it wasn’t walking, running or jogging at us.

It was at the end of the fence and the next thing we knew it was standing five feet away from us, startled, we ran as fast as we could down the hill and got into the car. 


When I looked up, I saw a what looked like a silhouette of a soldier lifting his gun up and looking into the barrel the putting it back down beside him. 

It was two completely different beings, one was luminescent and the other was a shadow person.”

Looking further into the war, I found some pictures of confederate soldiers that matched the exact same color we’d seen that night.”

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