The Stickman of Clark County Ohio

A man leaves his house in the early morning and sees an unexplainable sight. A white stick figure runs in front of his vehicle leaving him bewildered.  The figure is as thin as a stop sign post, pure white with no hands, feet or facial features.  This faceless “Stickman” encounter is described by the witness in the video below.

Reported by Jim (James)

Location: small subdivision Northwest of Springfield, Ohio.

Date: June 11, 2018

Time: just after 5AM

Watch the video above, or read the full transcript at the end of this article. 

Before I take a deep dive into this bizarre whirlpool of high strangeness let me just make something clear. I will provide no definite answers here.  There is no amount of scientific evidence that could lead one to the conclusion that there is a population of “stick people” that roam the shadows of the United States or elsewhere.

As far as I am aware, there is no creature in documented science that fits the profile of what the witness described, or others that have claimed to witness these unusual “stick people.” So for the remainder of these NCS notes I’m going to present you nothing but stone-hard opinion and speculation, with a smattering of additional alleged similar sightings.

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Most of these “Stickman” reports are of black or dark creatures and have a tendency to describe them in terms of being of a supernatural origin.  Although it is EXTREMELY unusual, the description by the witness makes no reference to something that would not defy the laws of physics.

Biologically on the other hand, this or any of the “stick figure” humanoids do not share physical characteristics of any known animal with the exception of perhaps a stick insect (or walking stick if you will).  These creatures for the most part are absent of some very critical physical attributes common to… well… let’s say creatures that are bipedal in nature.  Just looking at some of the most important features, many of these Stickmen lack hips, shoulders, hands, feet and even faces.
The humanoid described above had no observable hands to grasp and no feet to balance themselves when running.  What strikes me as odd about this thing is that it had no observable facial features; no eyes, nose, mouth or ears.  
Aside from terrestrial organisms requiring at least a combination of the above to make their way around in the world, the total absence of a mouth or nose would mean there is no normal way for this creature to consume nutrients in the way of food, and respiration without an observable way to breathe in air is possible, but usually on a small and slow scale (many amphibians can respire through the skin). However, running takes an awful lot of metabolic energy, even in small bursts.  
If this thing did have lungs, they would have to fit in the incredibly slender torso that was described to be the width of a stop sign post. Then again, just because the witness did not observe facial features, hands or feet does not mean that this thing may not have had them.  The encounter was only a few seconds at the most and it is entirely possible that the focus was on the most observable portion of the subject darting out in front of the vehicle. 
The way I am dealing with this sighting is as if it is a biological creature of some sort, although it in no way resembles any earthly animal, and I’ll explain why. As I stated before, in the case of the Clark County Stickman there is no reason to think that there is any supernatural, ghostly, extra-dimensional or magical qualities associated with this creature. 
The behavior of this thing resembles what an animal would do when it runs out in front of a car, then finds cover and glances back at the vehicle it for whatever reason decided to run in front of. If the thing would have stayed still, there is a good chance the witness would have never had their attention drawn to it.  


So, when I think of this encounter, I assume that the “Stickman” had some sort of survival instinct that kicked in after it ridiculously stepped out onto the road into oncoming traffic. And that is what interests me about this sighting vs other “Stickman” encounters, as there was no stalking of a witness, no evil, foreboding feelings, and no hint of supernatural speculations.  
The thing ran out in front of the witness’s car.  It ran across the road and hid. The witness lost sight of it.  It left some kind of imprints on the grass. That’s it. If this story is fictional or embellished, there’s very little creativity to it… which IS NOT A BAD THING. 
And as mundane and boring of a sighting you think that might be, in my humble opinion the blandness of the encounter (although it was bewildering to the witness) does lend some credibility to the account.  Sometimes a sighting does not have to be elaborate to be straight-up unsettling. 


It was difficult to find a sighting that described a subject similar to the Stickman of Clark County Ohio.  As I said before many “Stickman” sightings are of dark, black shadowy figures in which many of the themes lean toward a supernatural vibe. 

However there were two somewhat similar encounters I was able to look at, both being witness accounts and neither verified. The first comes from a commenter on a Reddit thread I posted seeking similar encounters like the Clark County Stickman.  Here is their comment:

“In 2017 I was at Ohio University and around 1-2 AM I decided to go to “The Ridges” with some friends (haunted asylum on campus). 

We walked… which was about a 45 minute to an hour walk and once we got there we got a really bad feeling, I’ve been there before and never felt the way I did so we turned back. 

We noticed on the way back we were being followed by a car so we had to try and figure out how we were going to lose the creepy guys that were following us. 

We got turned around and we’re in a courtyard and all the university help phones were all out so we couldn’t call for help and our phones were dead. 

So we peeked around to see if the guys were still following us and all we saw was something that was taller than a stop sign, [two-dimensional] and didn’t really have a face and it was running across the field as fast as a car could drive. 

I’ve never been able to find any paranormal thing to compare it to but this is the closest yet.

Every time I talk about it I tear up.”

When we posted the video on our Reddit page, one responder made this interesting comment:

“So this might be a coincidence but there is a native American reservation in Yakima Washington.

There is a tribal legend about stick who come out at night and try to trick people into following them. 

They talk to each other with whistles, and you can hear them giggling. 

They have the ability to sound like people to help lure their prey.”

A related encounter with a “Stickman” comes from the Reddit page Humanoid Encounters:

“Okay so. Where do I start? I was walking up to my local park with 2 of my friends. 

It was about 9. 

There is a path when you first walk to the park that leads to this elementary school that I used to go to. 

There is a fence on the side of it, its gated and on the other side of the path is just a hill leading to the park. 

There is then a street light on the path. We were walking past this and one of my friends said what’s that? 

We looked and kept walking toward to seem like a dog. It was just frozen and staring at us. 

I got closer and It ran away then and I saw its spine and it was nothing that I’ve seen before. 

It had short legs but was weirdly long. That’s not where it gets interesting tho. We just walked up to the park. 

When we were leaving (about 10 mins later) we were walking and wondered if we would be able to see it again. So we stopped and stared down the path. It’s more like a concrete path. 

Then me and my one friend saw this stick-man like thing running down the hill towards the woods! 

It was going mad fast, it hit the feet. It was about 7 ft tall maybe a little shorter. Point legs and arms… I didn’t really get a good look at its head.

I saw it for maybe a good 4 seconds. It wasn’t really black it was like black and grey, I saw it clear it went in the view of the street light. 

It was just running then before it got to the path it vanished. 

It was terrifying and I got the chills. 

I explained it and then my other friend said he saw the same thing. My other friend didn’t tho, idk why. 

We are going tonight again, at the same time, and to do the same thing and see if we can get it on video. I’ll post a picture of where I saw it later and hopefully a video of proof. 

That was extremely disturbing. I researched it a little last night and came and saw “the black stickman phenomenon”. 

I saw another story like this one on reddit. He said him and his mom saw it run across the road and his dad didn’t.”

Unfortunately, the person who posted this encounter did not update with photos or video.  However, another commenter did reveal that they had had a similar experience before.

“So, I just happened to stumble into this subreddit but thought I’d mention this while I’m here. 

There was one of these lingering around my house when I was 14-15. 

I saw it a few times at a distance but never really got close enough to it to ever see any features. 

It always showed up around twilight hours or just after dark. 

I haven’t seen it in over 10 years at this point though.”

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These sorts of encounters with Stick Men can be extremely unsettling for those who experience them, and can really cause people to reassess what they thought they knew. One good example of this is a commenter on True Ghost Stories Archives who is a self-proclaimed skeptic and seems to be having a hard time reconciling his own brush with a Stick Figure, of which he explains:

“I honestly thought I was crazy.  I’m 33, level headed, and while I won’t rule anything out I generally don’t think much of the paranormal. 

The other night (morning maybe, I keep odd hours) I went outside for a smoke. 

My lawn has a low retaining wall, about bench-height, and a long, sloping road down to the creek, noted for its malfunctioning street lights. 

I saw something walking down the middle of the road. 

I have a neighbor who walks at all hours day or night, I didn’t think much of it. 

As it got closer, it looked like a pencil drawn picture of a man done by a kid. 

It wasn’t black, so much as it was nebulous, like the static on a TV channel. Grey and black moving in a blur, in the shape of the sign that lets guys know which door to go in. 

The street lights flicked on and it stopped, “looked” around (I assume as much, all I saw was its head move) and saw me. 

As soon as it did, it took off down the road faster than my eyes could follow. 

I didn’t tell anyone for a few days, then did the “promise you won’t think I’m crazy” with my girlfriend. 

She said she had heard of similar stories, and asked it I’d googled it. I did, and here I am. 

At least if I’m crazy I’ll have company.”

From “The Truly Bizarre World of Encounters with Real Stick Figures

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are certain tales of “Stickmen” that are ENTIRELY fiction.  
One such story I found on the Reddit forum r/nosleep from 2015, and some may liken “Stickmen” encounters with the Creepypasta meme “The Slenderman.”
Also recently, an encounter tale was removed from the Reddit forum r/humanoidencounters after the individual was called out for writing fiction, and the post was locked by moderators.
However, many of the stories from sources mentioned above are elaborate and the “entities” are evil and intend to do harm to individuals. 

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Monsters In Print: A Collection Of Curious Creatures Known Mostly From Newspapers

by Adam Benedict

This collection of over 170+ articles, direct from newspapers of the 1800s and 1900s, brings some of the most bizarre, amazing, and incredible stories of true monster encounters out of the past and into your hands! Presented with zero spin or bias, this book delivers just the facts and allows you, the reader, to decide for yourself if the stories within actually happened or not.
From the funny to the frightening, the sincere to the weird, there is something for everyone within these pages!

Full Transcript of the Video “Stickman of Clark County Ohio”

[Jesse] can you tell me what your general occupation is?

[James] I am a truck driver

[Jesse] okay how long have you been doing that?

[James] about 16 years.

[Jesse] do you wear eyeglasses or corrective lenses?

[James] no had laser surgery about 20 years ago very good vision.  I get my eyes checked every year.

[Jesse] this sighting occurred in Clark County Ohio, is that correct?

[James] yes

[Jesse] and this was June 11th 2018 is that correct?

[James] yes

[Jesse] and could you tell me the time approximate time that this occurred?

[James] it was 503 a.m.

I was heading to work morning of June 11th 2018 rural

subdivision area low traffic pulling out my driveway… went down the street turned left

at the stop sign.

As I turn left I’m there very short distance I noticed something

running from my right to my left…

as it got to my headlights it was a brighter white, very bright white [it] ran very fast covering probably close to 100 yards in 3 to 4 seconds…

it had a long abdomen a long head I believe it didn’t look like a neck… a long top / head… ran like a person… the legs and arms equal-sized… did not see feet or hands… it ran beside…  it passed a stop sign as it went by and was a little bit shorter than the stop sign…

…got brighter as it was in my headlights, faded out… not as bright as it went by. 

It had rained 2 days, the day before and the day before that so the road was a little damp

and the grass was wet so as it went by… by up in the grass into… behind a pine tree.

As I was turning right on the road it ran down… I could see it behind the tree as I was turning looked over at it… startled obviously not really staring to get a good look but i drove by and did look over there.. as I turned by to head on that road it came from looked in the rear view mirror I didn’t see anything.

My first thought as it started happening was that a car might have been behind

me out where I live in the country. 

There’s very few cars on the road that time of day… would have been behind me I did not see any there was no car… there was no cars in the road anywhere.  no reflections anywhere. 

I went to work that day as I came home I came back the same path the only way in the subdivision… as I came to that stop sign I looked up where it had run and there were long

almost like footprints where the glass had been pushed down and drug maybe three or four or five maybe footprints… as I drove by, I looked at that.

[Jesse] What’s the prevalence of wildlife in that area like deer raccoon I know I live in a […]

South of a suburban area out in the country we do have we have deer we have raccoons

we have all sorts of stuff that crosses [the road] all hours of the day and night and what

were the prevalence of wildlife coming in to that area specifically?

 [James] I’ve seen a few deer and the subdivision trash cans been knocked over by raccoons in the past. I’ve never seen any around I do hear coyote mostly in the fall in the winter but that’s about it really nothing more than that.

[Jesse] have you ever… has any of the other [neighbors] spoken about something seeing

something strange like this? 

[James] couple that I do know and one of them I did really say anything about it they just never seen anything like that…

[Jesse] so what is it what what do you think you saw I mean do you have any ideas?

[James] I don’t know I’ve looked online for stuff like that and the closest thing I can see that somewhat resembles it is all those little stick figure things out like in California and Arizona…

[Jesse] Night Crawlers 

[James] yes… yeah I mean that kind of resembles with the color but I mean those just have

like… they don’t look normal this thing… almost look like a person running that’s the closest thing I can say that resembles it I mean I don’t even know because I’ve been looking all over trying to find something… figure out what it is…

[Jesse} okay ould you describe [the motion] as a person… a person running and would you describe them as just completely unnaturally thin?

[James] like a stick figure I mean it ran by the stop sign… there’s a stop sign there and it was like pretty close to the same width as a stop sign.. oh and just a little bit little bit shorter and just like the the abdomen and the head there wasn’t a neck the abdomen and the head and head were long like longer than a person would be and really the arms and the legs were about the

same length… I mean they’re really short not really short but I mean shorter proportionally than a person would be 

[Jesse] now when this thing ran did it did it run like a person (James: Yeah) or did it have a different gate… okay 

[James] yeah it was just like it was like a person but I didn’t there were no feet or hands or you know… I don’t know the head was just… really long

[Jesse] Was there any facial features on this thing? 

[James] no, it was a it was white and as I ran past my headlights it was brighter it was like a now once I realized you know what I saw… when it went past it was… it wasn’t as bright, but it

was still light and ran behind a pine tree actually and stopped and like as I was going by it I could see it was kind of like still there behind the tree.

That’s that’s when I was the closest to it and as I drove away… yeah I didn’t see anything 

[Jesse] okay… there was no… there was no eyes that you could tell (James: no) no mouth (James: Nope none of that)

[Jesse] when you say the head was longer was the head generally shaped like a person’s head? (James: no) or was it about him a long long oval or… 

[James] I would describe him more like a pencil [laughs] all the whole thing, I mean it was like body, head… I mean they’re all just straight lines and I didn’t see a head… 

My first impression was you know like if you’re sitting in a house on the car drives by you see that light go by in your house or somebody drives behind you and turns? My first thought was I glanced in my rearview mirror thinking it was crazy to see a car at this time of day because I just you know went by… that like that reflection would go by. Obviously there’s no car back there but it just again moved like that… just straight. 

I was expecting to see a car behind me and kind of in disbelief from what the heck I just saw.

[Jesse] so is that why you remembered there was no other traffic is because you checked… because you saw that creature first you thought the crea… the.. the thing… the whatever it was… was a flash from another car’s headlights? 

[James] it was like in between… and I noticed it was going and it got brighter as I got in front of my headlights and as it was going by I looked up in my rearview mirror quick because where we live there’s no traffic at all… I mean I’m actually sitting in my driveway right now I just pulled in and there’s no… no cars around, especially at that time in the morning. That’s why I kind of caught me off guard and I glanced in my mirror thinking that’s weird because I thought it would

have been a car turn exactly the way I just did to be the headlights like that that would have gone that direction.

I wasn’t like scared of it… my first thought was like a… that like a like a person as as something else I mean that was my kinda… my thought i guess… almost you know like when it ran behind the tree it uh you know I was like cuz I could almost see it like peeking through the tree as I was turning right it was in the trees right there because that a person? 

My wife thinks I’m crazy!

[Jesse] you’re not alone… a lot of people see weird things

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Screenshot (122)


Monsters In Print: A Collection Of Curious Creatures Known Mostly From Newspapers

by Adam Benedict

This collection of over 170+ articles, direct from newspapers of the 1800s and 1900s, brings some of the most bizarre, amazing, and incredible stories of true monster encounters out of the past and into your hands! Presented with zero spin or bias, this book delivers just the facts and allows you, the reader, to decide for yourself if the stories within actually happened or not.
From the funny to the frightening, the sincere to the weird, there is something for everyone within these pages!


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