North Carolina Man Captures Video of His Bigfoot Encounter

Hickory North Carolina- Doug Teague, a member of the Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research Club in McDowell County, has recently been the center of media attention for his reported sighting and video of a Bigfoot encounter that occurred late last month (August, 2019).

Teague stated in a recent video in the club’s Facebook group that the encounter began when he was collecting game cameras on the weekend from a nearby wooded area.  He soon discovered that the trail cameras had been stolen. On his way out of the woods he stated he heard a couple knocks but brushed the noises aside as he assumed they were from woodpeckers. Shortly after a rock was thrown and rolled down the hill and his dog “Crazy Daisy” chased after it.

He then said he pulled out his phone and started scanning the hillside.  Another rock was thrown and he still could not see who the rocks were being thrown by.  Teague then described numerous loud grunts to his right, which got both his and his dog’s attention.  As the dog went up the hill toward the vocalization Teague called the dog back, and yet another rock was thrown at the pair.

After the third rock was thrown Teague stated he saw a large figure on the top of the hill behind a stump. He said the creature was “very black” with a silver sheen to it. He also stated that “he does look like a gorilla…”

The video clips shared in the above news segment are very short, yet around the 1 minute mark you can see a zoomed portion where there is a large black figure in the background that is motionless then makes quick jerky movements.  If there were no movement it would be easy to dismiss the footage as showing nothing but shadow.  However what the video does portray is deliberate movement on the part of the subject in question.

He continued to video as he heard more loud vocalizations and endured more rock throwing from multiple areas at the top of the hill. “It felt just like it lasted forever…” said Teague “but it really wasn’t.” He said he had no intentions of seeing anything that day, yet he did. Teague’s phone was acting strangely during the encounter.  He stated it was about 90 degrees and his phone was “overheating” as it repeatedly turned off and on.  He was able to keep shooting video during the encounter when the phone was on and operable.

He said the figure he was focused on at the top of the hill stood up and walked diagonally down the hill without the traditional “arm swing” many associate with Bigfoot sightings.  Teague said it looked at him once and continued walking.  As it did Teague recalled the “beautiful silver sheen” to the hair, and that the hair seemed to be linger on the forearms and hips.

Teague stated that he only saw one during the encounter but had heard and observed rock throws and vocalizations from his left and his right sides.

After reporting the sighting to the media, Teague has been met with criticism and disparaging comments on social media.

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( North Carolina man claims he spotted three Bigfoots and caught them on video: HICKORY, N.C. — A Hickory man has shared video claiming it shows an encounter with three Bigfoots in the North Carolina foothills. Doug Teague said he shot the video two weeks ago while retrieving game cameras he set up in a wooded area of McDowell County. Teague said he was walking back to his truck with his dog, “Crazy Daisy,” when the encounter happened. [Read More]

( He says Bigfoot is real and his video proves it: Teague is part of the Bigfoot investigation crew Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research. At a Bigfoot information session led by the Marion group Bigfoot 911 at the Hickory library in 2017, Bigfoot was described as a creature that walks on two legs like humans. Bigfoot is said to grow to be 6 to 9 feet tall and weighs anything from 600 to 900 pounds. Signs that Bigfoot might be nearby include wood knocking and rock throwing, which is what Teague said he experienced in McDowell County the other week. ROBERT C. REED/HICKORY DAILY RECORD: Doug Teague member of the Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research group holds his trusty search companion Crazy Daisy as he displays his most recent Bigfoot foot impression and equipment that he carries in his backpack. Walking through the woods with his dog, steadfast companion Crazy Daisy, Teague was attempting to recover some trail cameras he’d put up when he heard some wood knocking sounds. “I just passed it off as a woodpecker,” he said. Then things changed. Something in the woods was throwing rocks. Excited, Teague said he took out his phone and started videoing the experience. He was also able to snap some photos of what he claims is Bigfoot sitting down. When asked how he knows that he didn’t take a photo of a bear he said: “Bears don’t throw rocks.” [Read More]



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