TriDiver Paranormal on a Recent “Trailcam Bigfoot” Photo

TriDiver Paranormal, in his first Facebook livestream video, discusses the "Trailcam Bigfoot" photo that has been circulating around various social media platforms in the last few weeks.  

ThinkerThunker Takes A Look At Todd Standing’s Bigfoot

ThinkerThunker analyzes the Bigfoot creatures from Todd Standing's film "Discovering Bigfoot" inhis latest YouTube video "Bigfoot vs Bigfoot - Todd Standing vs Patterson footage." In the video, he measures the facial structures in the creatures vs Todd Standing using the "human face ratio."  Prior to that, he gives an example of the human face ratio … Continue reading ThinkerThunker Takes A Look At Todd Standing’s Bigfoot

Real Live “Stumpsquatch!” Technically… “Rootsquatch.”

Restricted Access analyzes "Rootsquatch," the anthropomorphic anomaly at the base of a tree and determines it is a real image slightly altered in order for the shapes to stand out. Annnd it's really cool to look at. 03/17/2018 Jesse Durdel, NCS One of the most vicious, disparaging remarks someone can say about another's photo of … Continue reading Real Live “Stumpsquatch!” Technically… “Rootsquatch.”