Nature’s Monsters, Giant Animals and Fantastic Beasts

Contrary to popular belief, creatures that are considered to be cryptids don’t have to be of a supernatural nature. Size matters.

North Carolina Man Captures Video of His Bigfoot Encounter

Hickory North Carolina- Doug Teague, a member of the Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research Club in McDowell County, has recently been the center of media attention for his reported sighting and video of a Bigfoot encounter that occurred late last month (August, 2019). 

California Wildfires Claim the Site of the “Sierra Sounds.” Morehead: “Mother Earth Will Recover.”

(8/16/2018) The Sierra Camp where the famous Bigfoot vocalizations known as the "Sierra Sounds" was recorded has been lost to the continuing spread of the California wildfires according to author and researcher Ronald Morehead.

Legends of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas; an Interesting Askreddit Thread

An interesting story thread popped up this weekend on one of the social media platform's public forums called "r/askreddit" titled "Native Americans of Reddit, what are your or your tribes ghost stories, legends, or supernatural occurrences?" The responses so far have been very interesting and describe legends ranging from the paranormal to cryptid animals.  We're … Continue reading Legends of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas; an Interesting Askreddit Thread

FBI FOIA Documents from The Black Vault Describe Peter Byrne’s Hair Samples

The Black Vault recently published several documents the FBI released to them as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.  These documents contain correspondence between Peter Byrne, cryptozoologist, researcher and Director of the Bigfoot Center and Exhibition and the Federal Bureau of Investigation between 1976 and 1977.