Turtles of Extraordinary Magnitude; Giant Turtle Sightings from Hawaii, Ohio and Kentucky Rivers

Sightings of giant turtles are reported from a lagoon in Hawaii, the Ohio River and the Kentucky River. Turtle facts and other historical tales of giant turtles are explored in this installment of the National Cryptid Society Case Files.

Illinois October 2017: Grey Humanoid Being in the Woods around Lake Camelot

"he head was around the same proportion as a humans head but the shape of the head was square with one point on each side of the head. I couldn't identify if those were ears or something else. The creature was gray and either had no hair or very short hair..."

What is that? Strange creature caught running toward home on security camera in Youngstown, Ohio

"I have to say there have always been strange things that went on, there but it wasn't until just last night that I finally found something. I've never seen anything like this it doesn't look like it has arms, wings or anything. It looks like legs, a torso and a head..."