A Closer Look at the “Chicken Coop Bigfoot”

Coop Foot

A pair of photos posted on the website of the radio program Midnight in the Desert on July 27, 2017 are allegedly of a Bigfoot-like creature raiding a chicken coop in Northern California just prior to disappearing into the night.

We animated the two images, adjusted for brightness and contrast and did some cropping.  The results are below.

Zoom of the first photo, brightness & contrast adjusted.
Zoom of the second photo, brightness and contrast adjusted

Notice the movement below the chicken coop.  It appears to be the foot.  Some have said it resembles a boot or a shoe but we can’t tell for sure.

Cropped, zoomed, contrast and brightness adjusted and animated.
The above images with color inversion
Zoomed, color inverted and animated.
All images used from the Midnight in the Desert article are used for commentary and reporting.



Overall, this is an interesting pair of photos.  Of course, we cannot determine the legitimacy of these images.

  • Although the eyes appear to be lines in the photos, this is most likely a photographic anomaly associated with movement of the subject’s eyes.  “Eye-shine” is caused by the light bouncing off of the reflective layer that lies behind the retina (the tapetum lucidum). 
  • What appears to be a foot, boot or shoe can be seen under the chicken coop.
  • Is the subject entering the trail camera’s field of view and walking through, or is it preoccupied with the coop?  We can’t be sure.  If it did walk through from left to right, we would assume there are more images of this somewhere.
  • Looking at the branches and the grass movement on the ground, it appears there was a breeze that night.  However looking at the right side of the full framed animated photos, there is a particular patch of grass that is moving more than the rest of the pictured yard.  


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