Sasquatch University: College students in Virginia will be offered Bigfoot, UFO course, but wait for the syllabus.


In the fall semester of 2018, students of a university in Virginia will have the opportunity to take a course involving Bigfoot, UFO’s and the Paranormal, but it may not be what they are expecting. David S. Anderson, PH.D and professor at Radford University in Radford, Virginia describes himself on Twitter as an “Archaeologist specializing in Mesoamerica & Pseudoarchaeology (Atlantis, Ancient Aliens, all that good stuff…).”
Earlier today, he tweeted:

“It’s official! This fall semester at @radfordu I will be offering “Bigfoot Stole My UFO!: Critically engaging with Science, Pseudoscience, and the Paranormal.” Come one, come all!” with the attached photo of frame 352 of the Patterson-Gimlin film featuring the iconic image of Patty herself.

Dr. Anderson is an Anthropological Sciences instructor whose research and interests include Archaeological Methods, Pseudoarchaeology, Development of Social Organization, Maya and Mesoamerican Archaeology. His blog, “Archaeological Oddities” has some interesting articles and we are hoping more will emerge with the addition of the aforementioned “Bigfoot Stole My UFO” course.

The details of the upcoming course are scant, but to be fair, he may have yet to construct the syllabus. Most likely, it will be a course of skeptical inquiry where evidence for some of the most famous cases in cryptozoology and ufology is dismissed or explained to be mundane.  However some cases do deserve to be raked over the coals (such as the 2008 Bigfoot in the freezer hoax that went on seemingly forever). Also, I have no issue with critical thinking toward the unknown, and I don’t hold skeptics of the paranormal and or supernatural in low regard.  I’m really interested in this class.  Hopefully, he’ll invite Dr. Jeff Meldrum to speak during one of the classes.

About the course:

Dr Anderson describes the course as follows:

“It will be part of the University’s critical thinking general education courses. I used to teach this subject from a strict skeptical “it’s not true” approach, but I’ve found that to be unproductive and ultimately boring in the classroom.

So now I try to back up and get the students to ask bigger questions. What do people believe? Why do they believe? And I encourage the students to try and experience a paranormal phenomena, all with a bent towards understanding how people construct knowledge.

I’m open with my opinions/biases but push the students not to simply agree with me and instead to learn how to build solid arguments.”

Another thing I am glad to see is that Dr. Anderson has a sense of humor.

I can only hope this course will give me just cause to shamelessly promote our “Sasquatch University” t-shirts.  Speaking of which… You can totally order them on our AMAZON STORE.


Radford University is a public university with around 9400 students in Virginia.

Article Written by Jesse Durdel, Founder and content curator, National Cryptid Society

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