Yellowstone Security Officer’s Report of Bigfoot Sighting By Tourists Swept Under the Rug

I kept inquiring until my boss from Mammoth Hot Springs told me to drop it. He said he had seen my report. He told me the Park was aware…”

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NCS Case File #75: Report of Bigfoot by Yellowstone Park Security Officer gets Swept Under The Rug.

Location: Yellowstone National Park

Date: Sometime between 1981 and 1984

Submitted by: Anonymous

“I suppose I’m getting this weight off my shoulders. I lived and worked in Yellowstone Nat. Park Old faithful from 1981-84.

I worked as night security for the resort. We came on duty when the Law Enforcement Rangers went home.  Just before my shift a couple, tourists, approached me to ask a question.

They wanted to know about the parks bears. They wants to know if the walked upright while feeding in the water!. They said the saw a bear pulling vegetation from a pond and carry it to shore walking upright.

They said it turned and looked at them from about 30 yards away. I showed the photographs of bears and they became upset saying they were not stupid. They were offended so I suggested the draw what they saw.

The lady drew a Bigfoot, or like creature. I wrote a report and filed it in the drop box at the ranger station. The Ranger station opens at 7am. When my shift ended at 7am me and a security buddy went to the Ranger station before going to the trail to check it out for ourselves.

This was no later than 7:30am. The Ranger in charge at the time said he did not receive my report but the trail head was closed for a study/problem bears!

We went anyway, the trail to Mallard Lake was closed with Park cars I had not seen before. I kept inquiring until my boss from Mammoth Hot Springs told me to drop it. He said he had seen my report. He told me the Park was aware.

I prefer to be anonymous. Not sure why I feel that way as it was many years ago. It was such a strange experience.

Most Law Enforcement Rangers were friendly with me, they knew I had completed the law enforcement academy. I felt weird talking about it. The subject was something understood but not talked about. A job ender.

This was clearly not a bear sighting. I was told to let it go.

Back then I was a young guy with no interest in the Sasquatch stories/movies etc. Years later I learned a highly respected backcountry ranger made a BFRO report.

I’m nearly 60 now, it was a long time ago. In some ways it seems like yesterday. National Parks back then were places where bad press, crime, missing people etc. were kept quiet. Thanks for listening. Be well.”

NCS Notes:

  • Probably the most famous Yellowstone Bigfoot story in recent years is the Old Faithful webcam footage, which YouTubers Thinkerthunker and Parabreakdown have opposing opinions on the matter.
  • The National Parks service have a statement on Bigfoot sightings on their website.

In the 20th century, Chief Rangers were tasked with answering letters sent in from all over the world. The majority of letters contain common questions such as, “When will Old Faithful geyser go off?”, “How many bears are in the park?”, “Where can I camp?” But sometimes, the questions being asked stray from the basic to the more unusual as was the case in October 1980.

That month, [Superintendent] Thomas O. Hobbs received two letters asking about the presence of the elusive Bigfoot. The letters were dated only a week apart and possibly inspired by a reported Bigfoot sighting in nearby Jackson, Wyoming, earlier that year.

That this was not the type of question that could be quickly answered by looking through records is evident by Hobbs’ replies, “We are unable to find any references to sightings of Bigfoot in Yellowstone’s historical natural history records… with no reported sightings, there really is nothing further to pursue at this time (1).

  • I seriously doubt the above statement is completely accurate. As far as requesting records and information from the National Park Service, ask investigator David Paulides (2) how eagerly they are to provide data.
  • So why would the National Park Service officials brush off the above report at first, then admit that it was seen and basically give the “back off” response that the “park is aware” of the situation?  
  • Some individuals vehemently assert that the government is covering up evidence of Bigfoot.  This scenario is possible, even probable knowing the secretive shenanigans the United States government is capable of.  I’ll add to this conspiracy by adding apathy and fear into the mix. I don’t know about you, but I could imagine park officials and employees wanting sightings of Sasquatch and Bigfoot to be hushed up and not to cause a stir within the area not because they are trying to cover up the existence of a species, but because it would be a lot of work. Extra work that no one wants to do.  nobody wants to be known as the government official who disclosed that Bigfoot was roaming around our National Park. This would may or may not be a financial crisis, for just as your average family might cancel their vacation to Yellowstone because there is information from the government that a large, unidentified hominid is wandering around the park unchecked, others would flock to the area in hopes of hunting down the elusive beast.  Not to mention the throngs of people who would invade the park wearing Bigfoot costumes looking to cause trouble for themselves and others. Just my opinion.
  • Moreover, if you were a park ranger, think of the ridicule you would face… and also think of how the higher-ups would react. Fear of losing one’s career over what might or might not be a mis-identification or a hoax would be a pretty strong motivator to hush up, look the other way or flat out deny things that patrons (or yourself) might have seen.
  • There are few government documents that mention Bigfoot or other cryptids for that matter.  There are three that are available to the public that we feature in our article “THREE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS CONCERNING CRYPTIDS. (3)




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4 thoughts on “Yellowstone Security Officer’s Report of Bigfoot Sighting By Tourists Swept Under the Rug

    1. You are welcome. Although even with this account, it’s hard to confirm anything the government does, because at the end of the day there’s people behind the bureaucracy. Each with their own motivations and pressures.


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