Bird or Beast? Strange Flying Creature Case Files

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National Cryptid Society Case File #76: Red Eyed Flying Creature in Rural Indiana

Location: Near Oakland City, Indiana

Date: 1987

Submitted by Arthur

“I was out walking late at night a couple miles out of town, near some corn fields, when I had a unsettling feeling, a feeling of being watched.

I turned my head to peer into one of the fields of corn, and I heard a rustle. Quickly, I hurried my pace and tried to make it back to my house.

But while I was hurriedly jogging back, something flew in front of me, and it had glowing red eyes. It made a horrible screeching noise, and I practically was sprinting at that point.

It moved so fast and it was so dark it was hard to tell the shape, but it seemed to be about 5-6 feet tall I would say, it had quite some length to it.

I do not think that it had a tail.

Based on the speed I would say it (the body) was more bird-like than anything else.

I would not say it had a long neck, it (the head / neck region) looked more human-like. The wingspan was probably around 8 or 9 feet I would guess.

I’ve lived around these parts for decades, and I’ve never seen something like that.

Sometimes, even now, late at night when I’m walking around that same area, I’ll see something in the dark with those same glowing red eyes and I’ll book it.”

National Cryptid Society Case File #77: Bird with the Head of a Velociraptor

Location, Joplin, Missouri

Date: Dec 2, 2002

Submitted by Clint

“I used to live in Joplin, on a block near 20th Street between Taylor and Adel streets.

It was around sunset when I was taking out trash to the back yard. It was overcast and misting a bit.

I had put the trash bag in the can when I heard what sounded like a crow, but it sounded close by. It was then that I looked up and I saw something that looked like a flying dinosaur.

It looked like one of the raptors from ‘Jurassic Park’ but it was mainly covered in red and black feathers.

It appeared to have a 10 foot wingspan and had what appeared to be a mane of black feathers. the thing was flying westward before it disappeared into the mist.”

NCS Case File #78: Massive Bird’s Shadow Passes Over Witnesses in Palmdale, Ca

Location: Palmdale, California

Date: 6/30/18

Submitted by: Anonymous

“We were outside our porch and shooting BB guns and then we hear that [iconic] thunder bird noise that sounded like a plane we looked up saw nothing and looked down and saw a shadow 45 feet long about and it just disappeared.”

NCS Case File #79:  Strange Large Bird Standing in Road in Kentucky

Location: Caldwell County Kentucky Farmersville area

Date: June 2005 (estimate)

Submitted by Kacey

“Me and my husband where on are way home late one night. We lived 15 miles from any towns so the highway was secluded except for a few houses along the way.

We came to an area known as farmersville and where about half way home. We seen something in the road up ahead. I slowed down thinking a person was standing in the middle of the road.

As I approached closer i could tell it wasn’t human. I drove past probably going 10 mph but was to shocked by what i was seeing to stop. I can only describe it as a huge bird(?) It was around 5 feet, as tall as the car. It didn’t move or even blink when i drive past, it just stared straight ahead.

It had feathers (or maybe it was fur) all over it and some sticking up straight on its head. I can’t remember if i seen wings on its side just that it was covered in fluff. It had a huge bill on its face and my husband said he seen teeth. It wasn’t an emu or ostrich.

After looking through many different birds it reminds me of a shoebill in the face but this bird was big and kentucky is a long way from Africa! We drove a little bit down the road and decided to turn around and look for this bird again but by the time we got back to that area in the road it was gone.

I’ve looked through many cryptid, birds etc and can’t find any creature that looks like this! Its had us baffled for years since.”

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