U.C. Davis to host Sasquatch Species Distribution Computer Modeling Session

Are you interested data imaging and statistical analysis but also a Bigfoot researcher? This informative session may be for you.  The University of California Davis is hosting a informal lesson on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 from 1PM to 3PM in the DSI Classroom (room 360 Shields Library).


NCS Case File #27: Bigfoot sighted in Pinecrest Campground near Strawberry, California

"We hiked for about an hour from the camp ground and on the other side of the pond was what looked like a part-man part-gorilla standing between two pine trees. He had one arm extended high on one tree and other arm on another tree and was looking right at me..."

NCS Case File #26: Huge, Potentially Dangerous Bigfoot witnessed at Mammoth Pools Reservoir

"It was dark brown in color, and covered in hair/fur. It was 8'-9' tall, powerful, walking upright, on two legs. It seemed confident and casual as though it knew the route it was traveling. It was very muscular, its shoulders were huge and it swung its arms and upper body with each step."