The Faceless Thing of Dahlonega, Georgia

“I could see that it had no eyes, nose, or lips. It had smooth indentions where the eyes should have been, a smooth slight protrusion where the nose should have been and nothing where the mouth should have been.”

NCS Case File #34: Giant, Luminous, Shape-Shifting Humanoid in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum

"Feeling I was in no danger, I stepped boldly out on the trail. The giant luminous humanoid stopped, and turned around. Wow, to lock eyes with something like that. Suddenly, my vision did a leap forward, or better put, the distance between remained, but it appeared ten to fifteen feet in front of me..."

NCS Case File #28: Large Humanoid Reptile sighted in North Carolina

"It stood there for several seconds, looking at me while I looked at it. Long enough for me to get a pretty good idea it was NOT homo sapiens or Sasquatch. I don't know what the hell it was. It was maybe 7 or 8 feet tall, with grayish or greenish gray skin. No hair or fur."