Internet Etiquette and the Use of the word “Pareidolia”

If there's a word that is ubiquitous in the commentary of many of the images that I see of alleged Bigfoot or Sasquatch on the internet, it has to be the word pareidolia.   There’s a common response to alleged videos and photographs of Bigfoot or other visual anomalies that most of us have seen used … Continue reading Internet Etiquette and the Use of the word “Pareidolia”


Real Live “Stumpsquatch!” Technically… “Rootsquatch.”

Restricted Access analyzes "Rootsquatch," the anthropomorphic anomaly at the base of a tree and determines it is a real image slightly altered in order for the shapes to stand out. Annnd it's really cool to look at. 03/17/2018 Jesse Durdel, NCS One of the most vicious, disparaging remarks someone can say about another's photo of … Continue reading Real Live “Stumpsquatch!” Technically… “Rootsquatch.”