Strange Giant Bird with Freaky Hole-Mouth in Helsinki


NCS Case File 45

“…there was only a small hole in the center of the face and the eyes where at each side of the head….”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word cryptid as “An animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti.”  For the following witnesses to living cryptids, there is no dispute.  In this series of National Cryptid Society’s case files, you will read what the witnesses have experienced in their own words.

Keep an open mind when reading these accounts, and also remember one’s perception and memory of an event can be influenced by the emotions felt at the time of the occurrence. The contributors to this series of articles are doing the best they can to recount what are in some cases very shocking and traumatic experiences.

If you have a personal cryptid sighting story you would like to tell us, our contact information is at the bottom of this article.

NCS Case File #45:  Strange Giant Bird with Freaky Hole-Mouth in Helsinki

Submitted by Ben

Location, Helsinki, Finland

Date: October, 2013

“I was walking home after a hard day at school it was getting dark as it was winter. I heard the usual noises of forest which I was passing through.

Then I heard a distinct loud flapping noise I looked up and a massive bird flew over me it wasn’t like anything I have seen before its claws where as big as grown mans foot.

Bird eyeThere is only one distinct thing I saw and that was it had no beak; there was only a small hole in the center of the face and the eyes where at each side of the head.  It had black feathers and seemed to be flying (approximately) 30mph.”




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