Shadowy Figure with No Face and Red Eyes in Fennville, Michigan


NCS Case File 44

“As I drove by it looked up and there was no face just black with red eyes….”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word cryptid as “An animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti.”  For the following witnesses to living cryptids, there is no dispute.  In this series of National Cryptid Society’s case files, you will read what the witnesses have experienced in their own words.

Keep an open mind when reading these accounts, and also remember one’s perception and memory of an event can be influenced by the emotions felt at the time of the occurrence. The contributors to this series of articles are doing the best they can to recount what are in some cases very shocking and traumatic experiences.

If you have a personal cryptid sighting story you would like to tell us, our contact information is at the bottom of this article.

NCS Case File #44: Shadowy Figure with No Face and Red Eyes in Fennville, Michigan

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Submitted by Aaron

Date: 2015

“I wast driving down the road just after dark when I saw what looked like man wearing all black with a tall hood walking on the side of the road.

As I drove by it looked up and there was no face just black with red eyes.

I drove the nearest place to turn around. I drove back and forth and the hooded person was nowhere to be seen.”

No face, red eyes.

This report reminds us of sightings of “shadow people



If you have had a cryptid encounter, sighting or have photographic or video evidence, contact us immediately HERE.

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