Todd Standing’s Bigfoot footage to be made into a film.

Todd Standing’s Bigfoot footage (that you can see on YouTube) is being compiled into a feature film with guests including Dr. Don Jeffrey Meldrum. The film’s title is “Discovering Bigfoot” (trailer below).

Todd Standing’s footage of Bigfoot-like creatures was also featured in Les Stroud’s “Survivorman Bigfoot” series.

Standing drew stern internet criticism when he presented his footage to the world several years back, prompting him to almost completely remove himself from social media until this year. Most of the criticism stemmed from allegations that all of the footage was staged or that the creatures were animatronic puppets.

It appears as if Standing will be bookending his Bigfoot footage with film of himself and guests walking around in the Canadian wilderness, inspecting footprint casts, and driving around in the Canadian wilderness.

The catch phrase for the film is “YOU WILL FEEL THE FEAR.”

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3 thoughts on “Todd Standing’s Bigfoot footage to be made into a film.

  1. My husband, Doug, and I have been “bigfootin” for a little over a year and have hundreds of stills and videos that we share on the internet. We have 6 active sites we visit here in MS and have one “Clan” that we visit regularly and have been trying to habituate with gifting. We are “MBEST” (MS Bigfoot Evidence Search Team), and also have “MBVD” (MS Bigfoot Video Diaries) on YouTube. Look us up! I believe it will be worth your time.
    Karen Randall


  2. Hi I was just wondering how I can buy the film my dad and I are very interested and would love to learn more about this beautiful creature


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