“CRYPTOZOOLOGIST” set to be the benchmark for all cryptozoology documentaries.

Researchers, investigators and enthusiasts should pay special attention to the upcoming documentary film “Cryptozoologist.”  The feature-length documentary will give dedicated professional researchers, authors, and adventurers an unbiased platform to tell the history of cryptozoology and share their research and evidence. The film’s completion is dependent on a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it is critical that those who hold cryptozoology near dear to our hearts help support this film either with the financing or by sharing the campaign with family, friends and complete and utter strangers.

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There’s a public stigma that follows cryptozoology that stems primarily from misunderstandings about the discipline itself.  Some classify cryptozoology as a pseudoscience, others as a “fringe” science while still others describe it as a hobby or dismiss anything to do with cryptozoology altogether.

The overindulgence of the reality-TV craze with has not helped the public’s perception of cryptozoology’s credibility in the least. However, this documentary with be so vastly different than what the public is accustomed to in terms of quality and content that what we can hope for is a “cryptozoological renaissance” of sorts.

“Past media portrayals of cryptozoology have been sensationalized, featuring staged “monster” hunts and heavily dramatized scenarios.

CRYPTOZOOLOGIST will handle the subject in a considerate, artful, “laughing with” manner, rather than the typical over-the-top bombast and “laughing at” tone. Toward this end, CRYPTOZOOLOGIST will be the first film to focus solely on the researchers and the field itself, as opposed to the fantastical creatures they investigate.”

Notable and recognizable individuals that will be featured in the film include Loren Coleman, Lyle Blackburn, Adam Davies, Linda Godfrey, Scott Mardis among others who will present the facts and the speculations revolving around the field of cryptozoology.

“Professors of zoology, museum curators, authors, legendary researchers and famous cryptozoologists will discuss dozens of mysteries of the natural world, and their own efforts to uncover the truth behind the legendary tales.”

“One of the most important hidden mysteries in cryptozoology, the study of hidden animals is, quite simply, ‘Who are these people doing this work?’. Now there is a top‐notch, entertaining, professional documentary in the works, entitled “Cryptozoologist,” that skillfully tackles this tantalizingly intriguing topic. Get on the ground-­‐floor and support the effort to make this film a reality.”

~Loren Coleman, Author and Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum

“Interviews will be carefully composed in a style befitting photographic portraiture, with subtle moves and shifts in focus throughout. Swamps, jungles, lakes, and forests will serve as backdrops for the subjects’ stories, rather than b-roll of the “monster’s” hunting grounds.

Archival news reports, photos, and film of strange and unexplained creatures will help contextualize the subjects’ efforts, as well as their place in the overall timeline of the field.

Cinematography and editing will be imbued with a sense of mystery and subtle foreshadowing through the use of creeping camera moves and frames rich with shadow, shallow focus, and murky details in the distance.

Content and form together will transport the audience to the deep recesses of these inscrutable minds and their terribly misunderstood research field.”

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Help support the making of this film by either sharing or donating to the kickstarter campaign HERE!

Quotes used are from the “Cryptozoologist” Kickstarter page and the official press release.

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