WATCH: Bigfoot Throws a Tree in Alberta, Canada

(January 20,2018) ThinkerThunker, the popular Bigfoot footage video analyist has uploaded a new gripping video of what appears to be a large, dark figure throwing a tree. 


“CRYPTOZOOLOGIST” set to be the benchmark for all cryptozoology documentaries. Researchers, investigators and enthusiasts should pay special attention to the upcoming documentary film “Cryptozoologist.”  The feature-length documentary will give dedicated professional researchers, authors, and adventurers an unbiased platform to tell the history of cryptozoology and share their research and evidence. The film's completion is dependent on a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it is critical … Continue reading “CRYPTOZOOLOGIST” set to be the benchmark for all cryptozoology documentaries.

Researcher Spotlight: North American Bigfoot Hunter

"During our investigations, we found sufficient evidence that something was there. We have sound recordings of howls, growls, pictures of foot-prints (or possible footprints), and more pictures of the area, that suggest we were not alone..."