2 thoughts on “Something Very, Very Large in the Woods Around Ashland, Wisconsin.

    1. This did occur to me afterward. Normally I just wait when I see something in the woods to make sure what its’ reaction will be and focus on keeping my breathing the same and not panicking.
      It’s only when I see aggression in the animal and that they’re not happy I’m there that I make noise, swing my arms to look bigger, and scare the bear/wolf/buck off.

      For all I know, it was chasing me saying “Hey little girl, you dropped your mail!” because having spent years in those woods without seeing anything remotely like it, it had to have seen me before and obviously didn’t harm me.
      That instant start of the legs after its first slow step when I broke for it made me feel otherwise.
      It wasn’t what I saw that had my hackles up, it was what I felt which was that it had ill intent.


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