Concerning the “Wolf Walking like a Human”

Summary: Either the photo of the “Wolf Walks like a Human” is a fabricated hoaxed photo or it is an image of a badly injured wolf that has survived in the wild by walking on its hind legs.

 UPDATE 2/01/2018   I have just received word from Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters, who has contacted the witness:

“I just talked to Danny Morgan and got the full account on the upright wolf sighting. I believe he’s telling the truth….”

Read the rest of Lon’s statements at the end of this article.

(January 30, 2017) Early this morning, the National Cryptid Society Facebook Page posted an article from WTMJ located in Milwaukee Wisconsin dated January 29, 2018.  The Article was entitled “Great Scott: Wolf Walking like a Human?” and displayed the following image:

Image from WTMJ credited to Danny Morgan, screenshot from Facebook

The article stated that a sister station had received an email with the above photo.  An exerpt from the now deleted article follows:

A wolf that “ran across the street almost like a man.”

That’s what Danny Morgan said was the “craziest thing I’ve ever seen” in an e-mail to WTMJ sister station TODAY’S TMJ4.

Morgan shared that photo which he says was taken on Townline Road in Elkhorn.

He said he “saw a wolf come cross a corn field and it got up upon its hind legs.”

[from the article “Great Scott: Wolf Walks like a Human”

Later on in the day the link to the article was removed, however the image remained.

Attempts were made to contact WTMJ about the removal of the article, including the following tweet:

Screenshot (26)

Is this photo a hoax?

Seth Breedlove of Small Town Monsters posted on Facebook that this was a case of special effects.

Seth Breedlove isn’t the only one skeptical of the photograph. Several comments on our post are skeptical as well.  “…it’s a joke” and “More fake paranormal “evidence” were a few.  There have also been some opinions in groups that this could be a botched taxidermy job (hence the one skeletal arm) turned into a dogman hoax.

Anatomically speaking, one commenter said “The bottom half looks real, but the top half looks fake. Very weird!” Which is legitimate in that the torso and shoulders of the animal almost appears to be almost “too big” compared to the lower half of the body. The shoulders appear bulky as well, and wolves.. they should’t have shoulders, at least not ones that should “bulk up” like a weightlifter’s.

Begging for forgiveness!

There is nothing wrong with these opinions.  With all the hoaxes and fake photos floating around an endless ocean of red circles, there seems like an infinite tide of non-evidence everywhere one turns.

Walk like a Human…

A canine walking in a bipedal fashion is not unheard of.  One of the most famous upright-walking dogs, named Faith, has been seen around the world on the internet. Faith passed away in 2014.

There are rare examples of wildlife with injuries similar to the ones allegedly shown in the photo.

Denver Michaels commented on our post “The first thing I was thinking of was the video of that bear that walks on two legs.
I bet this animal has injured front paws”

What he was referring to was “Pedals the Bear,” another animal that was walking on its hind legs that was thought to be a tall tale or a hoax.  Pedals was a black bear in New Jersey that walked upright on its hind legs due to injuries on his front paws. Tragically, after Pedals was to be protected and moved to a sanctuary, the bear was killed by a hunter in October of 2016.

The Skeletal Front Leg

Image from WTMJ credited to Danny Morgan, screenshot from Facebook

In the above image, what we can see is allegedly a radius, ulna and carpus of the right forelimb. Some have suggested the right front leg had been “sleeved” or had the skin and tissue removed from being caught in a trap or a snare. However, the proportion of the radius and ulna appears to be distorted, or out of place in comparison with the opposing forelimb.  Either it is a mistake in construction by the hoaxing taxidermist or it could possibly be a deformity of natural or trauma related causes.

As for the skeletal portion of the front leg being exposed, other animals have been observed with massive injuries that have healed enough for them to function or at least survive in the wild.

For example:

This whitetail deer shot in Texas was walking on exposed leg bones.

WARNING: Gruesome Image Below

The Image Searched on the Internet

After a short image search on Google image search and Tineye, it seems that this may be the first instance of this image appearing on the internet.

Tineye result for the image returned no results
Google’s best guess is that this is a lion.

Mattsquatch Presents analysis

Published on Jan 31, 2018

Restricted Access analysis:

Published on Feb 11, 2018

In Closing…

I’m sure this will either be confirmed as a hoax in the next few days or meander around the internet for the rest of all time.  If this is not a hoax we hope that the proper authorities have been contacted to help find this wolf and get it veterinary attention. If it is a hoax, may they get an ice cream headache, stub their toes in the dark or get whatever Karma they deserve.

 UPDATE 2/01/2018     Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters is an author and paranormal investigator known for his investigation and coverage of the recent “Chicago Phantom” sightings.

Lon contacted the witness who photographed the animal.  Lon’s statement emailed to us is below:

“…an investigator is going on-site this weekend. I talked to the witness (Danny Morgan). From what I can tell, he had just dropped his friend off at his home (I’m keeping the actual location under wraps at the moments) He noticed the wolf in the cornfield (on 4 legs) walking towards the road. His camera was handy, because he had never seen a wolf in the wild. He slowed…and when the wolf approached the road it stood up on 2 legs and walked quickly across the road. He said it walked just like any human would…didn’t stumble or look awkward. The wolf was also swinging its front legs, like a human walking. Honestly, I believe the guy….Lon”

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  1. So did Danny the eyewitness say anything about the skeletal looking arm? DId he notice that at the time, as he did say it was swinging it’s front arms.


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