TriDiver Paranormal on a Recent “Trailcam Bigfoot” Photo

TriDiver Paranormal, in his first Facebook livestream video, discusses the "Trailcam Bigfoot" photo that has been circulating around various social media platforms in the last few weeks.  


SHOCKING: Windshield Reflection / Smudge in Quebec, Canada Causes Avalanche of Ridiculous Headlines Around the World

MOOSE UNHARMED! (8/4/2018) A recent video posted to YouTube showing a moose eating on the side of the road in the wilderness of Quebec, Canada has gone viral because several media outlets are reporting that the video shows a "six foot eerie faceless creature" stalking the unsuspecting moose. 

Filmmaker Patrick Rea talks about the Creatures from “ARBOR DEMON”

"Michelle and I really struggled at first to decide how to approach the creatures. At the time we were writing this there were a large amount of Bigfoot style films being released like “Exists” and “Willow Creek”, so we knew to avoid that route. I had always wanted to see creatures that were almost more tree-like and blended with nature."

Is it Real or the Werewolf from “Harry Potter?” Alleged Dogman photo from Argentina.

Let's follow the trail of an elusive Dogman... photo. I noticed this story from the Mirror, whose headline read "Huge 7ft beast described as 'half human, half animal' leaves residents TERRIFIED after ‘savaging two dogs'." The story in the article mentions this that two dogs have been butchered (a German Shepard and a Pitbull), and … Continue reading Is it Real or the Werewolf from “Harry Potter?” Alleged Dogman photo from Argentina.

The Story Behind the California Bigfoot Lawsuit That You Didn’t hear from the Media.

There is much more to Ackley's story that what the media has bothered to cover, and in this interview she talks about her Bigfoot encounters, the lawsuit, Todd Standing's involvement and the future of the lawsuit that has been currently withdrawn.

ThinkerThunker Takes A Look At Todd Standing’s Bigfoot

ThinkerThunker analyzes the Bigfoot creatures from Todd Standing's film "Discovering Bigfoot" inhis latest YouTube video "Bigfoot vs Bigfoot - Todd Standing vs Patterson footage." In the video, he measures the facial structures in the creatures vs Todd Standing using the "human face ratio."  Prior to that, he gives an example of the human face ratio … Continue reading ThinkerThunker Takes A Look At Todd Standing’s Bigfoot