Report of Multiple Bigfoot / UFO Abduction in Northern California

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The Bigfoot my compatriot had seen and two of the “Small Men” escorted him to the left towards a round disc like object while the remaining members of the group a Bigfoot and two Small Men escorted me to the right where there also was another disc like object…”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word cryptid as “An animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti.”  For the following witnesses to living cryptids, there is no dispute. In this series of National Cryptid Society’s case files, you will read what the witnesses have experienced in their own words.

Keep an open mind when reading these accounts, and also remember one’s perception and memory of an event can be influenced by the emotions felt at the time of the occurrence. The contributors to this series of articles are doing the best they can to recount what are in some cases very shocking and traumatic experiences.

Remember, these accounts as told by witnesses, are not being presented as evidence of any event.  Rather, they are the recollection from memory from everyday, ordinary people who want to be heard.

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NCS Case File #80: Report of Multiple Bigfoot / UFO Abduction in Northern California

Location: Highway 36 Near Lassen National Forest, Northern California

Date: 2 February 1988

Submitted by Michael

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“I and a then Friend were playing cards on 2 February 1988 and he wanted to take Me home as he had to be up early for work.

We left his Apartment and as he was driving I brought to his attention the turn offs to be on My road.

He missed each one and suddenly We both felt Sedated with a heavy feeling in our Abdomens, he looked at Me and said:”We’re Going To Save It’s Life!”

I looked at him and didn’t have the faintest idea what he was talking about.

We ended up on Highway 36 going up towards Lassen Park.

He stopped the car and a loud series of 3 electronic sounding “Beeps” came from the rear of his car (the next day we discovered a perfect round circle where the car’s paint and primer were gone only shiny steel).

We walked up a snow bank and under a Bright Full Moon with it being made brighter from the Snow, my eyes adjusted and at a distance of less than 50 Feet I saw an 8 to 9 foot hairy creature it was so close that I could see that it’s hair or fur was brown with silver tips.

This is only a part of an ongoing UFO Investigation and the Aliens were working with the two Bigfoot My Friend and I later saw at the same time.”

After this initial submission I asked the witness if there was any way they could provide additional information as it pertains to this encounter.  Not long after my query the witness responded with additional details.

“My Friend and I both encountered a Bigfoot in the snow since this is also part of an Abduction just after I saw the Bigfoot.

I had a “Missing Time” experience when next I regained consciousness.

We being Myself, My Traveling Companion, The 2 Bigfoot, and 4 small humanoids with Large Heads and Eyes(they stood 3 feet to 4 feet tall)

The Bigfoot my compatriot had seen and two of the “Small Men” escorted him to the left towards a round disc like object while the remaining members of the group a Bigfoot and two Small Men escorted me to the right where there also was another disc like object.

Rough sketch of the encounter scenario provided by witness

I turned in both nervousness and mild fright and asked “Why are they taking him that way?”

One of the Small Men turned and facing Me and via Telepathy conveyed to Me “He’s different than You are.”

I again have Missing Time at this point but I come to aboard the disc.

When I met back up with the evening’s driver he looks at Me with excitement bordering on Zealouness and says “Aren’t You glad We came? We saved it’s Life!”

I was dumbfounded I hadn’t done anything like that.

From the next time I saw him till this day I asked him “What happened to You that night?”

Furiously he replied “I will never talk about what happened that night Ever!”

He never did with Me.

As to Location this occurred in California, the nearest town was Magalia California, We had left Chico,California for Highway 32 and that turns into Highway 36 and eventually to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

The road We were on was Highway 36 but the Forest could have been either Lassen National Forest or Plumas National Forest as they do run almost along each other and it was night.  

We were off road so I’m not sure exactly where it was except along Highway 36.”

(continues below)

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Additional Questions

After reading the additional correspondence from this individual, I admitted that this was the strangest Bigfoot encounter I have ever heard. I then asked them some additional questions pertaining to their encounter / abduction.

You stated “He stopped the car and a loud series of 3 electronic sounding “Beeps” came from the rear of his car (the next day we discovered a perfect round circle where the car’s paint and primer were gone only shiny steel.”  Do you remember what part of the car had the circle (hood, trunk, side… etc)?

The Spot was on the Car’s Trunk on the Driver’s side almost to where it meets the back window.”

You stated “We walked up a snow bank and under a bright full moon…” Can you remember more about your surroundings?  Was it an open field, Was the terrain hilly, flat, wooded?

The terrain was woody and rough to navigate on foot due to trees and rocks covered in snow. I could hear distant running water which I attributed to a creek, stream, or river. After a bit the terrain had less rocks and trees so navigation became much easier.”

You stated “This is only a part of an ongoing UFO Investigation…” Could you tell me who is / was investigating this encounter?  Was it MUFON or another organization?

The investigator said they were with a “well known” civilian investigative group [unnamed]. Yet in retrospect I find it odd that all contact/questioning was carried on over the phone. Neither [my friend] nor I ever met the man in person. And it was the investigator that [my friend] in his panicky phone call said “don’t talk to him anymore he’s with the government!” It was right after this call that we were observed, followed by the ‘black helicopters’ so that part’s an unknown as neither of us ever met him.”

NCS 80

You stated “I again have missing time at this point but I come to aboard the disc…”  Do you mean that you remember boarding the disc?  Did the Bigfoot and other humanoids accompany you?

Also did you get a better look at the creatures as they walked with you toward the craft?

“No I don’t remember boarding the craft, only walking towards it. As far as observing those that accompanied me, the two small 3 and a half to 4′ Beings I could fairly clearly, The large hairy being I could only see out of my peripheral vision, it was 8′-9′ tall and had dark brown hair. I felt like my neck and head were paralyzed and I couldn’t move it to the right or left much.”


You stated “When I met back up with the evening’s driver he looks at Me with excitement bordering on Zealousness and says “Aren’t You glad We came? We saved it’s Life!” The evening’s driver, was this your friend that was with you?  Also How did you meet up with him? What was the last thing you remember after the encounter?

“The ‘driver’ was my friend [name withheld]. We met back up coming from the trees we had stopped at to relieve ourselves at the beginning of this event. We walked from our trees back down to his car. The last thing I recall was getting into [name withheld]’s car and as we were on our way down Highway 36 these bright orange glowing spheres filling his windshield.

A ball would be at it’s center and bright orange light (almost flame like) emitted around the orb, the first one flew by and then what seemed 3 or 4 minutes went by and another orange orb and lights flew by his windshield.

Do you and your friend that night still communicate, or does “then friend” mean you are no longer in contact?

We (my friend and I) no longer communicate purely from neither party being in contact with the other.”

The witness also stated in this correspondence:

“I must admit that this is the strangest thing that has happened to me in my life! After this occurred I did some looking into the UFO phenomenon and a famous ufologist said “that when looking into UFO reports that there were some cases that had “The High Weirdness Factor.” When I did a simple Google search for “Aliens and Bigfoot” it showed 2 books, made reference to an old episode of “Ancient Aliens,” and there were other sites… and you could tell they were sites that have little to do with Aliens and Bigfoot together.”

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