California Wildfires Claim the Site of the “Sierra Sounds.” Morehead: “Mother Earth Will Recover.”

(8/16/2018) The Sierra Camp where the famous Bigfoot vocalizations known as the “Sierra Sounds” was recorded has been lost to the continuing spread of the California wildfires according to author and researcher Ronald Morehead.

The “Sierra Sounds” are known as one of the most iconic pieces of Bigfoot vocalization evidence to date.  Recorded in 1971 by Ronald J. Morehead and Alan Berry during an outing between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, the recordings depict guttural, animalistic vocalizations that are attributed to Sasquatch around the campsite.

Recently on Facebook, Morehead posted the following:

“The Sierra Camp Destroyed by Fire

The Sierra Camp was recently destroyed by one of the large fires raging in California now.

The area had been a pristine high-wilderness hunting camp since 1958.

Last July marked my 47th year making that 8-mile trek; for 6 days we watched the smoke getting closer and thicker. 

One thing we can all be sure of is that time will change anything. If all things stayed the same, time, as we understand it, would not exist.

Besides the mysteries that the Sierra Camp held, I have a lot of other great and exciting recollections.

Another reason to make ALL your memories good ones; very important because, as time passes and things change, memories are what we have left.”

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The scope of the California wildfires so far

“Two of California’s 20 largest-ever fires are currently burning in the state’s north — and still growing.

The monstrous Mendocino Complex fire, created by two neighboring fires that span three counties just north of San Francisco, is now the largest fire in state history, at 366,037 acres.

Even without the smaller of the two fires that make up the inferno, the larger Ranch Fire would still be the largest in state history, at 317,117 acres.

And in Shasta County near Redding, Calif., the Carr fire is now the state’s eighth-largest fire, spanning 211,038 acres.”

Source: “California’s Massive Wildfires Are Nearly 10 Times the Size of San Francisco” By CHRIS WILSON, DAVID JOHNSON, and JENNIFER CALFAS August 16, 2018

When I asked Ron Morehead if he would like to give any additional comment on the loss of the Sierra Camp, he responded:

“Mother Earth will recover.”

Where to find the “Sierra Sounds”

There is only one place to find the entire collection of Sierra sounds in CD quality, and that is on Ron Morehead’s website.


Screenshot (65)
“The Bigfoot Recordings”


Other Media

Bigfoot Language Recorded: Here’s How Ron Morehead Did It

An extended interview with Ron Morehead on “Dreamland.”


Ron Morehead is the father of the “Sierra Sounds”. It’s one of the best evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot. Morehead gave this hair-raising interview with Dreamland not too long ago. Morehead explains the strange creatures and their personalities: “When the other hunters and I first encountered a family of these creatures in 1971, although we had guns, we were still concerned.

Their aggressive, intimidating vocalizations were huge and extremely disrupting. However, after the initial intimidation we realized their intentions were not to harm us, but perhaps toy with us. So we relaxed a bit. That being said, a few years went by, never captured a picture, but were fortunate enough to capture their vocalizations. By 1974 their intimidating sounds moved more toward communicative. We looked forward to interacting with them, we left food for them to eat and they left pine-cones for our fire.

I felt a definite kinship developing, but I always wondered, “What are they? Why won’t they come out from behind those big trees and really make friends with me”…rarely did we catch a glimpse, but after all this time they still kept their secrets at bay. For years I’ve heard reports of them harassing people by throwing rocks, stalking them from the bushes, or just messing around. And for so long I’ve carefully kept those reports inside, thinking, “What’s missing from these pictures?”

They haven’t attempted to hurt me or any of the others at our Sierra Camp. They are like a reclusive, hidden, aboriginal people…they must have a very pertinent reason for being the way they are. Like most animals, they are different in their personalities, yet from my experience around them, they are also cognizant. I’ve written about this in several articles and included many of them in my book, “Voices in the Wilderness.”

The “Making” of the Sierra Sounds! Al Berry Shows Us How It Was Done!


“During the early 1970s, Al and his longtime friend Ron Morehead went into the woods of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in eastern California and collected a series of alleged Bigfoot vocalizations called the “Sierra Sounds.” Al Berry recorded these famous Bigfoot vocalizations. This was how he captured it all on tape.”

*note Alan Berry passed away in 2012.


Bigfoot Sierra Sounds – Searching for Sonic Clues (ThinkerThunker)


“If proof of Bigfoot can only rarely be seen or filmed, can it be heard? Should we be looking for ways to study and measure alleged Bigfoot howls, screams and vocalizations as a way of identifying a new species?”

Further Reading

Recently posted to Mysterious Universe concerning forest fires and the paranormal:

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