The Mysterious St. Simon’s Island Carcass: Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal

Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal discusses the carcass that washed ashore on St. Simon's Island off the coast of Georgia first reported by on March 16, 2018. Updated video (3/19/2018) Raw video of the carcass: The Singular Fortean Society has also done an excellent article on the creature. The article below includes a … Continue reading The Mysterious St. Simon’s Island Carcass: Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal


Continental Cousins – The Return of the European Nessie!

Loch Ness is possibly the most famous body of water in the world, surpassed in fame only by its alleged monsters, that have been making regular appearances in the loch for almost 1500 years, starting with St Columba's encounter in the river ness, in 565 AD. The loch, which was largely inaccessible, without travelling over the mountains, was opened to the eyes of the public, one might say, when a road was built into the side of the mountain in 1933; followed shortly after by a rash of sightings of this now infamous beast of the Scottish Highlands.

Illinois October 2017: Grey Humanoid Being in the Woods around Lake Camelot

"he head was around the same proportion as a humans head but the shape of the head was square with one point on each side of the head. I couldn't identify if those were ears or something else. The creature was gray and either had no hair or very short hair..."