Buzzfoot: Bigfoot is the buzzword on social media this week

Bigfoot news is popping up everywhere this week, but it’s less about Sasquatch and more about the people who seek the creature.

In this article:

  • Les Stroud is producing more Bigfoot programming.
  • Matt Moneymaker said the BFRO site was hacked three years ago but don’t lose your minds.
  • The man claiming to be the one that the Bigfoot911 group saw in North Carolina also claimed to be the bigfoot in the Eagle’s Nest Webcam video from September 2016.

Les Stroud Tweets that he’s working on another Bigfoot show

August 11, 2017: Survivorman Les Stroud made apparent that he is seriously continuing his search for Sasquatch when he tweeted:

“Filming a new Bigfoot show at Mt St Helens!”

Source: Twitter

Fans of Les Stroud’s “Survivorman Bigfoot” should be thrilled to hear this news.  Many curmudgeons out there still have the opinion that Les is losing his fan base by pursuing Sasquatch.  Others still say he lost credibility when he took on controversial Bigfoot researcher Todd Standing in a few of his episodes as a guide in the Canadian wilderness.  Les Stroud has taken a lot of heat over the Todd Standing episodes on social media since the episodes first aired.  However, if one had actually watched the “Survivorman Bigfoot” episodes featuring Standing (in the background mostly), it would be apparent that Stroud remained level-headed, logical, unbiased and unswayed by Standing’s enthusiastic assumptions of whatever evidence they happened to come upon.

What better way to start an internet fight that revisit controversial footage that is incredibly divisive in the Bigfoot community? On July 25, 2017 Todd Standing of Sylvanic posted on Instagram (which then posted to his Facebook account) the following:

Public post by Todd Standing

The above photograph is a screenshot of Todd Standing’s controversial footage of what he had claimed was a Bigfoot. The creature was given the name “Blinky” by internet skeptics who found the creature’s eye blink to be unnatural and a product of animatronics or CGI.  This footage was used on an episode of “Survivorman Bigfoot” with survival expert, Les Stroud.


Todd Standing’s presence on YouTube and social media has slowly grown this year, and believe him or not, we will probably see more of him in the future.

Todd Standing


Finding Bigfoot star tweets reason why Norton blocks Bigfoot reporting site

August 10, 2017: Yesterday, a twitter user asked Finding Bigfoot star and President of the BFRO (the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) Matt Moneymaker why their Norton online security software was blocking the user access to the BFRO website.  In response, Moneymaker sent out the following tweets:

“3 yrs ago I was in Kathmandu. I used Wi-Fi at hotel to FTP into  server. Hackers tapped into that router got password”
Source: Twitter



“Hacker uploaded viruses to BFRO site to infect computrs of site users. Took few wks to remove viruses. Site clean now but Norton stil blocks”

Source: Twitter

“Moral of story: Don’t use any hotel WIFI in Nepal. Hackers prey on tourists. India is worse. Solution: Use hotspot on phone that works there”

Source: Twitter

Before you badmouth the BFRO for getting hacked, take a minute to consider just how many institutions have been hacked in the history of hacking.  The BFRO shut down and took all necessary precautions during this incident, and it remains the largest internet database for Bigfoot sightings in the world.


The man who claimed he was Bigfoot, then claimed the same thing again…

Photo Source

Earlier this week, the media was abuzz with news that the grassroots Bigfoot research group, Bigfoot911, reported a Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina. Yesterday, The New York Post along with other mainstream media outlets ran a story that proclaimed an individual named Gawain Macgregor had actually been in the area wearing a Bigfoot costume at the time of the Bigfoot911 sighting (this is not the first time this individual’s unusual and potentially dangerous behavior was used by the media to explain away a Bigfoot sighting).  MacGregor claims to be a follower of “Enkiduism and the Divine Nature of Sasquatch.



In response, Bigfoot911 group leader John E Bruner responded to the new media story with the following points:

“I want to address the recent revelation from the gentleman that stated that I saw him in the woods.this is a quiet [fascinating] story but there are a few problems with it.

  1. The creature that I saw was 8′ tall with stringy matted hair, the gentleman in the picture dont appear tall and is in a suit that appears to have short brown fur.

  2. the creature moved with speed unmatched by any human

  3. the creature that I saw had no hair on its face and had a flat nose. the picture in question the face is covered in fur and has a snout.”

News organizations, not surprisingly, ignored or buried Bruner’s rebuttal.  So again the mainstream media has created a clickbait orgy at the expense of boots-on-the-ground, non-corporate sponsored Bigfoot researchers.

But what about Gawain Macgregor, the Bigfoot shaman?  I know we’ve seen that costume before.  Oh wait, remember the eagle’s nest live webcam Bigfoot footage from September 2016? Macgregor claimed the Bigfoot captured on the footage was actually him, in his giant furry suit.

“I was up fishing with a friend at Crystal Lake and, as I often do, I performed a shamanistic ceremony where I walk in the woods dressed as an animal,” he explained. “This may seem unusual, but it’s actually a practice rooted in ancient tradition.”

MacGregor, a 36-year-old fur trapper from Minnesota, does this as part of his spiritual tradition. It’s a way to reconnect with nature, he said. It’s also a way to throw another curve ball into the Bigfoot hunters’ quest to gather evidence.

He unknowingly passed the eagle cam. Someone watching it spotted this bumbling, hairy figure struggling to get past a log in the woods. The video went viral. And suddenly, MacGregor and his fur suit were international news.

~Excerpt from “On the trail of Bigfoot in an Upper Peninsula Michigan forest” by John Carlisle, Detroit Free Press

Bigfoot Tony, however, has a different perspective on the media’s claims, because the image on the video shows glaring inconsistencies with the suit that Macgregor wears during his rituals.




  1. Les Stroud is producing more Bigfoot programming.

  2. Matt Moneymaker said the BFRO site was hacked three years ago but don’t lose your minds.

  3. The man claiming to be the one that the Bigfoot911 group saw in North Carolina also claimed to be the Bigfoot in the Eagle’s Nest Webcam video from September 2016.

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