Researcher Spotlight: North American Bigfoot Hunter

Bigfoot Hunter

For several years, the Bigfoot community has been judged by the general public on the basis of what is currently on television. Once credible and respected investigators have turned into corporate-sponsored puppets churning out an endless supply of “found footage” cliffhanger episodes. While as a business model, the delivery system is effective and has proven financially lucrative for the parties involved. The only issue is, if the big corporate-sponsored researchers ever really find Bigfoot, then the gravy train is over.


However, there are other smaller, independently run Bigfoot research teams that are distributed throughout the United States and Canada who are dedicated to the search for Sasquatch as well. These grass-roots research organizations should be lauded for their efforts and commitment to the mission of bringing forth evidence of the existence of the elusive creature. One such small-scale research organization is North American Bigfoot Hunter.
Founded in 2014 by CEO and Lead Investigator Christian Charette, North American Bigfoot Hunter was created by believers, for believers. Christian has been in various articles online (cryptozoological websites) and has been on a radio show on YouTube called “Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio.”
We asked Christian Charette about North American Bigfoot Hunter, and why he is proud of the organization.

“I am proud of my organization, because it gives people an opportunity to have their story told. With some organizations, such as the BFRO, your report may be taken online, but sometimes no one gets back with you. And you have no idea what became of your report. So, making sure that witnesses know we have the report, and talking to them about their report makes me proud. Because they know that we listened to them.
We can help people by taking their reports seriously. Many people are discredited because they failed to do or say something. But I believe that if you are truly being honest, you should not be discredited. Everything needs to be discussed, and accounted for. All the information we receive is dissected and we recreate what happened. Then we discuss it some more and think logically. But people need to be taken seriously, and they need to be treated like witnesses. Not crazy people. Everyone needs to have their story told, and it’s awful that the true sightings out there are being discredited.”

NCS: Do you actively research sightings? And if so, do you have a radius where you are willing to travel?

“Yes. I actively research Sightings. I live in Michigan, and the organization is based in Michigan. Usually, I save up my money throughout the year to plan an expedition. I go on expeditions once a year. These expeditions are all over the United States, and I have been on 6 or 7 so far. When I’m in Michigan, I go all over the state. I don’t usually focus my investigations in one general area. But I stay within Michigan.

courtesy of Christian Charette

I have a research team of 4 sometimes 5. We go out Bigfooting a few times a month. Other than that, it’s mostly me. We investigate several locations at once. But we break it up. 1 week we go on an investigation and the other we go on a different investigation. There are a lot of compelling cases that we have seen over the years, and we plan to film a documentary about one in particular that is truly a mystery waiting to be solved.”

NCS: Can you tell us a little about what got you into Bigfoot? Did you have a personal encounter?

“I have always been interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon. I started the organization in 2014, after I went on an expedition up north. I had rocks thrown at my cabin, and had other activity there. I had my first encounter in the spring of 2016. I was with family, and we all observed the creature just 2 or 3 minutes away from my house.

This story was covered on Cryptozoology news, and YouTube’s “Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio.” The NABH Research Organization started its first investigation in 2014, in upper-Michigan. There have been several investigations that we have been working on over the years, but there is one that intrigues us the most.”


About that one case…

“In the summer months of 2017, the NABH Research Organization drove to Ohio to investigate some recent reports that were came from one specific area. Once there, we held two night-time investigations and one day-time investigation.

Due to the small area, and the evidence we found there, the location has been kept secret. During our investigations, we found sufficient evidence that something was there. We have sound recordings of howls, growls, knocks, pictures of foot-prints (or possible footprints), and more pictures of the area, that suggest we were not alone.
This is by far the most intriguing investigation we have done in a while. But this is not the first time that we have found such evidence during an investigation. But, by the number of reports, witness statements, etc. There is reason to believe that there is indeed a Squatch in the woods of Ohio.  I have no doubt that we will continue to find evidence like this and possibly much more.”


NCS: Do you do most of your interaction via the website or social media?

“I do most of my interaction on social media. I normally take reports by email, or by my website contact form. Sometimes, I take calls. It doesn’t happen often, but I do respond to voicemails.”

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